The Carper Company was founded in 2006 by Rick Carper and Scott Carper. Rick Carper was the original founder of RSC Sales Company in 1985. RSC Sales was a business he proudly built for over 20 years as a manufacturer and distributor of products for the automotive service industry. RSC became one of the largest producers of disposable paper floormats in the country adding protective plastic seat covers, steering wheel covers, tire bags, etc. RSC also manufactured static cling service reminders to remind auto service customers of next service due. They then formed an alliance with Zebra Printers to print the return for service information instead of hand writing.

In 2006 RSC sold its' floormat printing and distribution business with an agreement that the static cling and printer business was not included. We are in the process of rejuvenating our business, having completed our non-compete agreement. We have a full line of interior protection products and we continue to produce top quality service reminders for the Zebra Printer system and individually cut hand write service reminders. We look forward to working with you.